Being dragged into the past by Copeland

I'm at the Copeland show at Off Broadway tonight and so many thoughts and emotions are running through my mind.

First, I noticed how much like old men copeland is becoming..then I noticed that I never noticed how much Aaron's live voice sounds like a higher pitched Neil Diamond. In a good way...haha. The new stuff sounds really great. As does the stuff they've been playing for years, as it should.

I don't think I'll ever stop loving Copeland--even if it means liking them must turn into a "guilty pleasure" at some point. Copeland will forever remind me of my youth..of love..of heartbreak..and of becoming a man (still in progress of course).

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lacey schweppe said...

i definitely agree, they were amazing. no matter how many times i see them live i do not think it will ever be enough.