As of late...

It's been a long time, so here's a bit of an update. Short and sweet. I've started a couple projects...one of which is growing herbs indoors. I planted basil the other day in a planter which is placed on top of a bass cab seeing as how I don't have a lovely table with which to reach window height. With a lot a' bit of luck, I should see some sprouts in a week or two. If that goes well, I plant cilantro in another division. Garden pasta anyone? Vietnamese dishes?? I'm excited to cook with home grown herbs. So, here is a phase 1 photo of the basil. I hope there will be more...haha.

Many of you may or may not know that I bought a scooter this fall and have been driving it (except for below freezing weather as of late) everywhere. This is incredibly overdue, but here are some pics of my '08 Piaggio X9 Evolution 500:

outside Picasso's in old town St. Charles

in the gated parking behind my building

you can see my building in the back...sorry for the blurry phone pics, but I just love my building...

This is how I took clothes to the local second hand clothing store. That's an Ikea bag turned upside down on the back haha.

future blogs to come...homemade soap from bacon grease and hopefully a scooting adventure to NYC.


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