What I Wear...Please meet what I'd like to wear...

Lately I've been taking an interest in fashion. My girlfriend, Alison, directed me to a blog: The Sartorlialist, and I've been very entranced by many aspects of the pictures he takes and posts there. These are a couple that caught my eye.

Fishing boots take 1

Vintagey Oxfords!!!

Attention socks...

I had the lovely opportunity to hang with Archie and Cara McKinley the other day and it was a blast. Archie suggested another blog: A Continuous Lean. I was immediately drawn to many things about it, this being my immediate fav. I have a definite love of cardigans, plaid, and fishing boots...not necessarily all together, yet here it is. Yes sir, I'll take your outfit...and also your beard...and also your glasses...and also your manly mcmanliness...

I am by no means able to keep up with fashions for many reasons, but I am indeed inspired.


Fiddlin' Around in a Music Store Full of Character

This looks like a good time. I got this at thankscaptainobvious.net He posts a lot of good free music if you want to check it out.