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I finally found a bunch of old files. I'll be posting a bunch now. Here's the first one. My inspiration is the inspirational videos in Donnie Darko.

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You let me down STL

If you can handle skimming this article, do it. Otherwise, read this exerpt:

"What happens if Prop M fails?

Without new revenue, Metro will be forced to shrink the system to the funds it has available and will provide fewer transit options, Baer said.

Baer listed cuts to the system if Prop M doesn't pass:

-MetroLink trains would run every 15 minutes during the rush hour instead of every 10 minutes.
-Non-rush hour service would run every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes.
-Extra service for special events would be eliminated.
-MetroLink service would cease after 8 p.m.
-Up to 28 of the 60 existing Metro bus routes may be eliminated, including all service outside I-270. Since Call-A-Ride, a van service for the disabled, mirrors the bus service, Call-A-Ride service beyond I-270 would end, too, he said. One-third of the -60,000 trips a month would be cut, Baer added.

If further cuts are required, express bus service and night service would be eliminated, he said.
But Sullivan is skeptical. "For the past five years, Metro officials have continually claimed the agency was running out of money and needed a tax increase," he said. "A $28 million deficit was predicted for fiscal year 2007, ending June 30, 2007, but then the year ended with a $9 million surplus.""

So, this is terrible...owning a scooter, I was counting on cutting my trip nearly in half on bad weather days. This is now impossible because the Metrolink will now shut down by 8PM. When am I ever done with work by 7:30?? In a time when people in St. Louis AND St. Charles are calling out for better public transportation in light of rising gas prices, we turn down a tax to improve it?? I understand management problems, but we don't have time for this. News channels are reporting it being a problem for SPORTS TEAMS?? Think about students of UMSL who bypassed parking passes for Metrolink passes. What do they do if a class goes late? How do they study late in the library? People without cars? It goes on and on...

St. Louis has just taken several giant leaps backward.