Vintage Design and Film: Is it getting played out?

I just saw Coraline, and I definitely think it's a beautiful piece of art. I was told that everything knitted in the movie was done by hand using sewing needles for knitting needles. Toward the end, there is a pair of gloves she gets from her parents. HAND KNITTED. Insane. Insanely awesome.

I have started noticing something in me as of late though. I think I may be getting a little bit numb to the style of art that is used in many a creative film lately. Many use the same kind of vintage, child-like, and maybe a little junky design and art (that's MY description--who knows how you view it). I've always loved that look and style, but again, I think I may be getting numb to it. Coraline was an amazing movie, but I didn't find myself getting as excited about the look and feel of it like I did for some others. For the buttons...the clothes...the sweet mask on Wybie...the music.

Here are some films and shows I can think of off hand and (to me) seem to use the same theme: Juno, Eagle vs. Shark, Napoleon Dynamite, Flight of the Conchords...do you see where I'm going with this? Is it possible this style is beginning to become played out? (I hope not) At the very least I think it's about to go very mainstream, if it hasn't already. Am I way off?