Me Without You - The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie

I can't believe I haven't seen this video yet. Me Without You never disappoints.



Elephant Gun

New Beirut=inspiring


Manly Girliness

I recently started following a blog called Design Sponge in order to learn what good design is as well as to get ideas on how to do it myself for cheap. It's a great blog, but it's a bit of a girly thing for a guy to look at every day. Well I found a few pics and had a recent experience that have allowed me to find something I love right now. I found these on design sponge:

Now, the other day after an early meeting at work, I wandered with some co-workers down to a coffee house/bar called Blackbird Parlour in Williamsburg. The whole time I was entranced by the design in there. Check it:

There aren't any good pictures really. Imagine the way this pic looks, but more run down. There is aged wood everywhere in different textures: picture frames cut and lined up vertically, large victorian style panels, bookcases, different types of old chairs, varying tables..

I'm sure you could see a while ago the point I'm trying to make. Yes, it's considered girly in some ways to love interior design, but what about when you make something as masculine as this?? I love it. I'll finish off with some pics of the late Heath Ledger's cafe, 5 Leaves, that is reminiscent of an old old ship complete with "Water Closet" ship door (porthole included).

p.s. come visit me and we'll see them in person--it's much better that way.



If you liked Shaun of the Dead and/or Hot Fuzz, then you might want to check Hulu right now. Before Simon Pegg did the aforementioned films, and way before he played the new Scottie on the new Star Trek, he had a show. This week Hulu is letting you watch the full season for free. It's every bit as funny, genius, and little boy fun as anything he's done. Make it happen.


Soul Power

I know I know...you're thinking this whitest of white boys really shouldn't be using that phrase at all, but I use it today to tell you about yet another amazing (to me) film that's actually out right now--Soul Power. It features amazing video footage of several soul/R&B artists as well as boxers in the 70's. The biggest appeal to my senses is the fashion, but the music, story, and sweating on camera really keep me begging for more.

Helvetica Film

This film is sort of old as far as blogging goes, and I saw it a long time ago, but is worth being reminded of. I was reminded of it by this tattoo Alison found online. I loved it...so here's the tattoo to accompany the film trailer.

Helvetica preview from Ken Lam on Vimeo.