A Run In With The Roots

Last night was a very interesting night with a few highlights just slightly too numerous to share via twitter. I was working at Urban Outfitters and checked my phone on my break. I had several texts from Alison basically saying we got free Diesel passes to an amazing show that night (Passion Pit, Cobra Starship, The Roots, and....Lady Gaga...). All I had to do was close out the sale section. Well, I was doing just that when Alison came down to say hello! She sadly said that the club was full and they weren't letting anyone else in. So, what does she do? She helps me close down sale hahaha...how great is that?? After I got out of work, we decided to go back and check on the show again. At the door, Alison very nearly ran into the guitar player for the roots and subsequently got yelled at by their security. We got out of the way and decided to head home after being denied entrance a second time. That's it and that's all.


WWI Vets Are Still Alive!

This is an article talking about the life and funeral of a British WWI veteran. I couldn't believe they are still living! Well, I followed a link to information on and interviews with the last surviving American WWI veteran on the website for the Library of Congress. Stories include experiences with German prisoners, lying about his age to enlist, and pestering officers to send him to France. I'm a sucker for history...and this is a gold mine.


Sufjan Stevens FILM

In case you haven't seen or heard of this yet...

THE BQE- A Film By Sufjan Stevens from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

So...the trailer was unclear...did Sufjan Stevens do anything in this film??


How to lose and iPhone and Be Thankful

It's been a week since I moved to NYC and there's a decent amount to report. I'll start from the very beginning...a very good place to start.

So, the first mentionable thing to happen to me in NYC is that I lost my phone. I got into a convo on the bus leaving La Guardia and left it in my lap. My hands were full of bags and I was worried about getting off the bus, so when it stopped I got up and left as quickly as possible after saying goodbye to my Brazilian dancer acquaintance. After I went down two tiring staircases carrying 100+ pounds of luggage, I realized my phone was still on the bus. I may have let out a few choice words to myself, caught the attention of a few passers by, and then got over it and attempted to figure out what train to take--since the one I wanted to take was shut down in that area. Long story shortish...I rode the train all over NYC in order to not have to transfer and finally arrived and hour and a half later to Alison's apartment--drenched in sweat.

Well, lucky for me, that's as bad as it's been thus far. The next day I went to my new church, Resurrection Presbyterian, and hung with my good friends Mario and Alexis at a bar serving free pizza with the purchase of a beer.

Now for the blessings given me in New York:
-First of all, yes, I lost my iPhone, but Chuck had very graciously given me a gift card to the Apple store that is the perfect amount to replace it with a new one. And losing the phone is the only way I would have cancelled that service, so now I save $30/month on a cheaper plan. Perhaps I've been forced into an unpleasant blessing haha. I miss my phone badly (perhaps too badly)...but it's for the best.

-I signed up for a bank account today, and since I did it today and at Bank of America, I receive $100...FOR FREE. Right?

-Now for the really great one. I got a job after only 3 days of searching!!! I intended to look for a job at Urban Outfitters immediately in New York. I had been working there for a month before I moved for that reason. Well, my good friend Jamie Finch informed me that now is actually perfect timing because they are hiring 2 people next week. So, I went in and talked to a manager two days in a row. The second day they took me downstairs and started interviewing me before I realized it. The next day I called to follow up on the second interview date and after a series of phone transfers was offered a job without the second interview! The fact that I will be working a week after I got to New York is a HUGE blessing.

Things are far from easy, but they are moving in the right direction. I am looking for another job as a bar back, banker, cook, sales associate, loss prevention agent, barista, substitute teacher, and band director. Pray for that if you will, as that is the next step necessary in affording an apartment. If you are reading from St. Louis, I miss you. Please let me know what you're up to if you have the time.