Super Scooter!!!

So, I've made a brash decision.  It's dangerous...I very well might regret it with all of my inner being...but it will save me soooo much money.  Plus, it's pretty hardcore and, being a man, that makes me feel good.  

I've decided to buy a scooter instead of a car.  I've read up extensively on winter riding and it's totally doable.  It may be very harsh and crazy at times, but doable.  I've agreed to buy an Aprilia Atlantic 500.  It's in a relatively new category of scooters called "super scooters".  This is because they are highway safe and made for commuting.  Many of you will think it's not the prettiest thing in the world.  I would have preferred to have a sweet vespa or sport bike, but this is more practical.  Besides, after my visit to France, these things are rampant.  They actually grew on me quite a bit.  

So, soon I will have the bike and as the weather gets colder, I will have to stock up on things like a heated vest and gloves, wind/water proof coat and pants, and a good full face helmet.  

Here are the pics of my actual bike: 

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