First Video Post

I intend to post all of my video work on this blog for everyone to see what I've been up to. Some will be good and some won't. Anyway, here's the first one. It's not my best work by far, but if you keep in mind what happened, it's good to see what I can pull out even under a time crunch. I shot and edited this from scratch in 9 hours, split only by 6 hours of sleep. Our first interview went totally wrong. The interview subjects were absolutely wonderful, but one camera stopped and the other had terrible terrible audio. It was unusable. So, we happened to have a second couple lined up anyway and decided to go with that.

OK, I could go on more about what I don't like about this video, but why waste your time. You will see. You will also see SOME good, so do your best to be positive :). Enjoy.

Beauperlant Interview from Phill Grooms on Vimeo.

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