Manly Girliness

I recently started following a blog called Design Sponge in order to learn what good design is as well as to get ideas on how to do it myself for cheap. It's a great blog, but it's a bit of a girly thing for a guy to look at every day. Well I found a few pics and had a recent experience that have allowed me to find something I love right now. I found these on design sponge:

Now, the other day after an early meeting at work, I wandered with some co-workers down to a coffee house/bar called Blackbird Parlour in Williamsburg. The whole time I was entranced by the design in there. Check it:

There aren't any good pictures really. Imagine the way this pic looks, but more run down. There is aged wood everywhere in different textures: picture frames cut and lined up vertically, large victorian style panels, bookcases, different types of old chairs, varying tables..

I'm sure you could see a while ago the point I'm trying to make. Yes, it's considered girly in some ways to love interior design, but what about when you make something as masculine as this?? I love it. I'll finish off with some pics of the late Heath Ledger's cafe, 5 Leaves, that is reminiscent of an old old ship complete with "Water Closet" ship door (porthole included).

p.s. come visit me and we'll see them in person--it's much better that way.

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