Slightly more eclectic than the last..

^Lil'-Z likes it and you should too^

Check it: New worship song

Opinions welcome.



cole said...

Opinions welcome...
I definitely like the feel of the song.
The melody line seems to force the song to be sung passionately, which is great.
I like the simplicity of the pad and rhodes at the beginning. Guitar sounds good when it comes in too.

For the next comment, I'm hoping you really meant "opinions welcome." I know some writers who say things like that and really mean, "tell me everything good." So, critique:
I think you have some more lyrics in you. :) I'm struggling to find a consistent theme, and I think you could find something in your spirit that hasn't been said so many times before. Not that God's glory can be overstated, but...

Hope you're doing well apart from song writing. You and Archie should come visit Orlando some time.

Also, I can't comment using my real blog. Go into your settings and allow "name/url" to post comments.

Phill Grooms said...

You're right on...thanks. That was very helpful, and not at all upsetting? Maybe I like brutal honesty more than the next.

I think I fixed the settings. We'll see.

But yeah, next time Archie goes to Orlando, I will definitely try to hitch a ride. You'll have to show me what's good down there. I expect lots of good restaurants...

Anonymous said...

I have that same inhaler! Love, Katie Clair !