Writing and Recording

I've written and very poorly demoed 4 songs in the last 2 months. That's more than...ever I think. I also have weeks at church when I don't put a band together. So, I will start making beats and whatnot to back myself Metro Station style. This week I tried it with Here Is Our King and the kids liked it. I also liked it and how it turned out. So, if you follow this link you can hear what I've been up to lately. Don't mind the terrible quality on the recordings please. (hurray for built in mic and Garage Band)

"Charlemaigne" fun

btw, John Harder and I did a photo shoot sorta thing for his resume and I happily obliged...or my vanity did... ;) Just wanted to drop a name for the pic above. Thanks y'all.

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Jharder said...

Hey thanks for the name drop ;) And thanks for being my model for a day. It's always nice to have willing people.

~Much love.