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Today I am going to record with Tom Wehrle. I'm excited to go into a studio and lay down some tracks. It's been a while and I'm ready to be creative. Right now I'm giving his demos a listen and I'm hearing some potential for fun for sure. I will definitely give you an update when he posts the final product in the distant future. You can hear what came of it. If you haven't listened to Tom before, you should give it a try. He's a very talented song writer in my opinion.

In other music news, Brooke is playing a show this Friday at the new Faith Church in Earth City (what used to be Incahoots and a go-cart place). She's on tour with Barlow Girl right now. I won't be playing with her, as she wasn't allowed to take us with her on the tour, but I'm really excited to see her again. This past weekend she was in town with Billy for some business stuff. It looks as if we most likely will be on the Revolve Tour a year from now and that's a really good deal. Say a prayer for a good Spring tour! The biz is in a funny place right now and it's a little un-nerving...mostly for Brooke. I have very little doubt in her so I'm not too worried about it, but prayer would be very appreciated.

Brooke and Billy in my apartment this weekend

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Asher Crasher said...

Which boy would be tosses aside... the one like Beyonce if she were a boy, or the one taking her for granted?